Top Agent: Sky Gillett – Arrears Warrior

By Nadien Elias

Office: Ray White Colyton

Position: Property Manager

Leaders: Sid and Nadien Elias

Time in Position: 7 months

Sky has been recognised by Ray White NSW, for significant decreases in rental arrears and on one point getting arrears to 0% in the month of December- such outstanding results! 

Late last year it was defined that the Ray White Colyton office had an issue with their arrears. Being in a low socio-economic area, it required further action and attention to educate the tenants on what is expected. Sky has achieved outstanding results.

What did you do differently to achieve your result?

I took the time out to calculate the tenants arrears and booked in time with them to come into the office so I could breakdown their payments and knew exactly where they fell short of their payments. Simply sending notices and calling tenants is not necessarily enough to get them to make additional payments, some tenants need a bit more TLC and understanding to get them on track.  

What does a typical week look like for you?
My week it typically a series of well planned and scheduled meetings that often get chopped and changed last minute with a lot of other situations that pop up in between to make things interesting and keep me on my toes. One thing I do religiously every morning, after I’ve completed the banking, I generate my arrears report and send out a quick sms to tenants that are in arrears, regardless of whether its one or ten days. 

Where do you get your enthusiasm from?
I am motivated by seeing results and seeing my arrears go down but my main motivation and enthusiasm comes from the people that I work with. I enjoy coming to work every day because I’m blessed to be a part of an amazing family. 

Do you have any tips for other PM’s focusing on Arrears?
I find that the more detail that is given in the lease signing on how to pay rent, how the two weeks in advance works, what it means to be in arrears and what a breach of their tenancy agreement is the less likely they are to fall into arrears. I have seen a direct correlation with a decrease in arrears when lease signings are informative and tenants are able to have open dialogue.

Our mission is to exceed your expectations through service excellence.  Experience the difference today, contact the team on (02) 9833 8881.

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