Tenancy Application Form

We understand that finding a suitable property to rent can be an exhausting process.

Please see the below helpful hints and tips to make your search and eventual application that much easier.

Finding the Property

The rental market is very tight and often moves quickly. With a vacancy rate of commonly under just 2%, it will pay to make sure you are organised before you need to move and begin to view properties. Making you are aware of what is required to make a successful application.

Our Leasing Consultant advertises all open times online, as well as sending out a daily rental list via email.

You can contact our Leasing team on 02 9833 8881.

Tips to a Successful Application

Firstly, download theTenancy Application form and ensure all of your contact information and identification is ready to go.

Below is what you will need for your application:

  • Full contact information for each applicant including mobile phone numbers and date of birth information
  • Your current residential address information.
  • Pets? We require the breed and registration details.  Please ensure you have filled in these details on the back page of your Application Form
  • Rego numbers of all vehicles of the applicants. Further you will need to nominate if any of the occupants are smokers or not.
  • Personal References: It’s best to have 2 personal references minimum.
  • Employment Details: We require payroll contact details as we are required to call and confirm all employment.
  • Employment and/or Work Reference: This needs to be different to the payroll contact.

IDENTIFICATION – 100 points required

  • Proof of Income / Pay Slips (Compulsory)
  • Current Bank Statement (Compulsory)
  • Centrelink Statement (Compulsory)
  • Proof of Address (Electricity / Phone Bill) – 10 points
  • Photo ID (Drivers License / 18+ Card)- 40 points each
  • Passport or Birth Certificate- 40 / 10 points
  • Bank/Medicare Cards- 10 points each
  • Copy of Residential Rates Notice- 10 points each

How we process your application

  • Before submitting your application, you or your representative will need to view the property and accept it is the one for you in its current condition
  • Your application will be processed during normal business hours, we do require 2 business days to process
  • After processing, your application is submitted to the owner for their decision. Their decision is final and they are not required to give a reason behind their choice.

Should your application be successful

You will not be committed to the property until you view and agree to the relevant Tenancy Agreement and its terms, once agreed, you are committed to the property and are required to pay 2 weeks rent within 24-48 hours. The property will not be removed from our availability list until the rent is paid and the agreement is fully signed.

Once the commencement date is agreed, it can not be changed

Before moving in, you are required to pay your bond. Equivalent to 4 weeks rent. We do not accept bond transfers.

We are a cashless office and therefore require electronic payment of rent. Here we recommend the following  2 options, BPAY or DEFT payment system.

  • Please make an appointment with our leasing team in our office to sign the relevant tenancy documentation – allow 45 mins for this.